Portfolio Website


This is my portfolio website featuring my digital multimedia work including videos, 3D, VFX, photography, and audio. The site is mostly current, and follows my Youtube account and also links back to my Vimeo.

Computer Science Projects

While I have been a student at Johnson & Wales University, I have learned about science, computer, technology, and engineering concepts that have made me an effective communicator of complex information and scientific concepts. Below are a showcase of projects that I have worked on and presented for your viewing. 

The Intersection of Food Waste & Availability (Technical Writing)

Journalism Multimedia

Project: Pacem

This is a multimedia collaboration with my journalism peers at Roger Williams University studying the aspects of diaspora, war, peace, the Cold War, and many other aspects of the American way of life and peace. You can find it on iTunes and iBooks, and was created under the supervision of Prof. Michael Scully.

Book 1

Book 2

Standups and Interviews

A selection of my current best interviews and Standups can be found on my portfolio website and on this Youtube playlist


I have had experience in radio production since becoming a DJ and Systems Manager at WQRI Roger Williams University Radio in Bristol, RI. I was co-host of the Dawnbuster radio program as well as full systems manager for the station for over a year between August 2014 to January 2016, before I had to leave the station due to academic needs.

I also was an intern at Rhode Island Public Radio, the Rhode Island affiliate of National Public Radio (NPR). My duties included creating radio sweepers for pledge drives, donations and donor testimonials, and advertisements for the shows and their times as they would air throughout the week.

Below are some examples of donor testimonials used in recent pledge drives and that are still on-air.


Below are my galleries of various photos I took for my journalism thesis on DJs and art pieces in Brooklyn and New York City with a specific beat on gentrification.