Journalism Projects


Journalism Organizations:

I was an intern at Rhode Island Public Radio, the Rhode Island affiliate of National Public Radio (NPR), between August of 2016 to January of 2017. My duties included creating radio sweepers for news stories, pledge drives, donations and donor testimonials, and advertisements for the shows and their times as they would air throughout the week.

You can hear testimonials on the “Radio” tab of this website that are still in syndication on RIPR.

Below are examples of the Journalism that I have been a part of.

News Clips


“That’s so Lit!” A Look at The Trials and Tribulations of the Modern DJ in the Digital Age 

This is my senior Journalism thesis focusing on Disc Jockey’s in New York City and how their way of life has drastically changed in the age of the digital revolution.

“Project: Pacem” 

Book 1

Book 2

This is a multimedia collaboration with my journalism peers at Roger Williams University studying the aspects of diaspora, war, peace, the Cold War, and many other aspects of the American way of life and peace. You can find it on iTunes and iBooks, and was created under the supervision of Prof. Michael Scully.


Multimedia Video Journalism

I assisted in many of these videos in various forms of the process, ranging from script writing, filming, producing, editing, and even the occasional standup. Here are some of the videos I have been a part of. 

A Matter Of National Security

Credit: Michael Huber, Mark Thayer, Carli Buono, Joseph Carosi


Mixed Feelings Over Mixed Race

Credit: Michael Huber, Mark Thayer, Carli Buono, Joseph Carosi