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About Me

Michael Huber is a Journalist, Programmer, and Information Security profession based in Rhode Island. With a B.A in Journalism from Roger Williams University (2017) and a B.S in Computer Science from Johnson & Wales University (2020), he looks at the world and problems in a very different, logical, and inquisitive way. He has a passion for addressing issues of concern that he sees as important for the communities and people around him to understand and causes to fight against, while also defending the right to protect people and their information and privacy from threats global and domestic.

"I am someone who is determined to make high-quality work and do what is necessary to maintain the highest excellence and accuracy. I feel like I need to do something to make a difference in these tumultuous times, so I have no qualms with getting my hands dirty and working hard to get to the truth."

Our Story

My Approach: "Freedom of Privacy and Truth"

The modern world is full of threats. From threats to the security of our ways of life online and in the physical world to the spread of disinformation and lies, life has become full of the juxtaposition of protecting people's privacy while also allowing them to be told the truth. As a Journalist, I sought to bring as much truth to the light, and as a Computer Science and Cyber Security professional I have learned that the need for privacy is just as important as  the truth. Life is full of gray areas, and it is my job to navigate this terrain to do the most good for this in need.

I have chosen to focus on Information Security and Cyber Intelligence because the spread of sensitive information, or the misuse of that information by threat actors to spread lies, discord, and even threaten the lives of people around the world are the very things that a Journalist has always sought to defend against. Blind spreading of information carte' Blanche is easily more dangerous than keeping the sensitive secrets of governments and vital companies under the protection of good people.

My approach to Freedom is that privacy and truth are not mutually exclusive concepts, and knowing how to protect people and companies around the world involves the same intent and devotion to the truth as it was searching for the lies in the news. The two are two sides of the same coin of Individuality, which is the entire basis of the Computer Science industry and the world we know today.

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