Computer Science

I have gone from Journalism to Computer Science and Information Security. I am choosing to shift this focus to broaden my horizons, increase my knowledge about tech and grow my passions into a career.


I am currently attending Johnson & Wales University for a B.S in Computer Science and am planning on focusing on Information Security, Cyber Intelligence, & Software development to expand into not just producing media and information, but also protecting and enhancing it as well.

My coursework has been programming general computation, algorithm creation and analysis, and data analytics in Python, C, C++, Java, Assembly, & MySQL. I have designed and analyzed advanced algorithms and data structures, created effective databases, and worked with lexical and the fundamentals of programming languages with tools such as Flex and Bison.

I have also worked extensively in the field of Information Security, having done work with reverse engineering of software and malware, creation of information security policy, protocols, and implementation, "Defense-in-Depth" and other security documentation, technical communications, and database design and implementation.

I have training in Information Security such as CompTIA Security+ training courses, as well as formal training in project management (include AGILE and SCRUM), graduate-level data analytics and research, Wireshark and Cisco Packet Tracer, TCP/IP coding and distributed systems, OS-side coding, and experience in Unix/Linux, OSX, and Windows Operating systems.

I am also a founding member of HackJWU, which is a student club on the Providence campus of Johnson & Wales University that regularly attends events hosted by MLH and other universities called "hackathons". These are intense competitions where teams have between 24-48 hours to formulate, create, code, and complete entire hardware and software projects that are then adjudicated by judges from various companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and other industry and academia professionals. HackJWU has taken home 1st Place prizes at places such as Yale University's YHack and in 2019 placed 52nd out of all North American universities, beating out schools such as MIT, Boston University, & John Hopkins, for their successful projects and consistent performance at MLH Hackathons.

If you have any questions about my skills, employment, or collaboration on projects, please look at my Resume and Contact Pages.