Information Security

I have a deep passion for media and information. But the world today is constantly attempting to extort, ex filtrate, steal and manipulate information critical to the protection of systems, resources, and especially people around the world in various industries. So, in order to keep information -- and people -- safe, I have invested much of my time in my professional and academic career into protecting information and resources from attack and theft. So I have thus shifted my focus towards Information Security and Cyber Defense as my primary focus for my future career.

Creating Information Security Policy & Technical Communication

With my extensive experience writing professionally as a journalist, I have facilitated the ability to create highly effective technical communications and Information Security policy, procedures, training, & implementation plans. My technical writing skills are highly tuned to creating the most succinct and understandable language for people who are savvy or completely clueless about various topics. Here are some of the examples I have created:

Michael Huber Defense in Depth Example

Michael Huber NIST Training Presentation

Securing Networks and Systems

I have experience with setting up, maintaining, and securing wireless and wired networks in simulated and real-world environments. Whether it was in Cisco Packet Tracer setting up entire networks with active security measures. Or when it analyzing network traffic for malicious activity with Wireshark. Or creating training and policy to make sure that end users keep the network safe and preventing social engineering issues, Bluesnarfing, Watering-Hole, phishing, and other forms of threats and threat actors from accessing resources and stealing data.

Software Engineering & Reverse Engineering

With a deep understanding of Assembly and multiple other programming languages, I have worked on projects of creating software as well as reverse engineering malware using industry tools like PEID, VirusTotal and other virtual sandboxes, RemNux, disassemblers, Dependency Walker, ProcHack, Process Monitor, and Ghidra. I can do active and passive analysis of malware, as well as understand how to create basic malware such as keyloggers. I also know how to program and create applications and distributed systems using the TCP/IP protocols, and create secure and defensive programming within the applications themselves.

An example of my skills analyzing malware can be found here:  Reverse Engineering Analysis.

Penetration Testing & Operating Systems

I run Kali Linux on a personal machine as the primary boot OS, and also have VMs of Remnux and Kali on multiple machines. I have used tools such as The Harvester and Wireshark to do penetration testing on Windows and Linux machines. I know how to secure Windows computers ranging from basic anti-malware protections to analyzing data in the Registry and using Registry entries to do Pen testing, forensics, as well as securing the Windows OS.